Pink Almond - Face Mask | Normal, Dry, Sensitive Skin

Pink Almond - Face Mask | Normal, Dry, Sensitive Skin

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In support of Breast Cancer Survivors, Fighters and those that were lost, our PINK ALMOND Face Mask was created to honor the brave women who have had to deal with this ugly disease. 

This scrub & mask in 1 leaves your skin deliciously soft. You'll discover new skin with this PINK soufflé.


Use 1-3 times per week to remove impurities from face. Exfoliate to reveal fresh soft bright skin and prevent breakouts.

  1. Apply to clean, damp face and gently scrub in a circular motion.
  2. Let it soak in for about 10+ minutes
  3. Rinse it off with warm water
  4. If your face is red once you rinse, it's because the clay pulls all the blood to the surface to help increase circulation.
  5. You may feel some dryness once all the water goes away so you'll need to follow with a moisturizing oil like our Liquid Gold Replenishing Face Oil
  6. Once done, your skin will feel amazing and refreshed!



Distilled Water, Pink Kaolin Clay, Tamanu Oil, Emulsifying Conditioner, Almonds, Neem Oil, Frankinsence, Sandalwood, Rose Oil, Patchouli Oil