4 Tips for Healthy Hair in the Fall

When it comes to your hair, the arrival of fall is either a breath of fresh air or the start of frustration.

summer probably did a number on your hair if you weren’t prepared to protect it. Things like the summer sun, chlorine, and salt water could cause damage to even the healthiest hair.

The fall is a great time for trying new hairstyles, picking a new moisturizer, or just letting your hair breathe from all that summer fun, sun, and water. 

Like your skin, your scalp can be burned by the heat of the sun. Without protecting your hair and scalp, your hair can go from shiny and luscious to dry, dull, and brittle.

While you’re wearing your cute scarf or cozy sweater, don’t forget that your hair has unique needs as it starts to get colder outside. Your hair requires extra care to protect it from the harsh winds and temperatures to come. 

If your goal is to retain length and maintain healthy hair, here are couple tips that will help:

1. Double up on the Moisture.

Bring more moisture into your hair care routine with deep conditioners, hair masks or water based moisturizers like our Prep & Style Moisture Crème.


You typically leave a deep conditioner or a hair mask in your hair for 10-20 minutes under a heat cap (or if necessary, a plastic bag).

Thicker oils and butters help act as “defense” against the low humidity air. Heavier oils like Castor Oil either used alone, as sealants, or mixed in your deep conditioners give it that extra something somethin! Whipped shea butter can be effective and convenient. Not only can it give your some BOMB braid-outs but it can also form a better barrier that prevents your hair from losing too much moisture in the cooler air. And since whipped shea butter is amazing for your skin, you can make it your Autumn head-to-toe staple.

When deep conditioning try to use heat. It loosens up the cuticle layer, allowing your deep conditioner to truly penetrate the hair.

Nothings worse than buying a deep conditioner, only to have it sit on top of your head and not do anything.

This is especially true for low porosity naturals who have flat, tight cuticles.

There are many options to choose from: you can either invest in a steamer, try our heat conditioning cap (which harnesses the heat capacity of flaxseeds) or apply your deep conditioner in the shower and use the steam. Whatever works for you and your budget!

Deep Conditioning Heat Cap


This is a must have tool for low porosity naturals. Deep conditioning as a low porosity natural is pointless if you’re not opening up your cuticles to let the product in. And the heat supplied by this product will do just that. A much more effective deep conditioning strategy, and best of all: it’s more affordable and compact than a steamer.



2. It May be Time for a Trim

In the colder months, you may want to still have growth goals.

The combination of indoor central heating and the extreme change in weather conditions from rain, wind and autumn sun can affect the health of your hair, leading to damage and split ends.

Having split ends can make your growth goals difficult as they can cause thinning and fraying of your ends. Unfortunately, once you have split ends, the only cure is to cut them off. Make sure you do this as soon as you notice it, because if not they may continue splitting further up the hair shaft.

Since light doesn’t reflect well on damaged hair it can also appear dull and lacklustre. Do you and your hair a favor and get a trim, even a small one. Taking off half an inch now will get rid of those breaking ends and allow you to see more progress in the long run!

3. Scalp Care

This is something that should be done no matter what the season.

If you happen to be shedding like crazy around this time, you should definitely get your a scalp massager and your favorite essential oil ready. You’ll need to use it at least once every 2-3 days. A relaxing 10 to 15 minute massage will increase the blood circulation in your scalp, speeding up new growth and will give you healthier hair and scalp in the long run! Don’t get scared if your shedding gets worse as these hairs are, in fact, ready to go and the sooner they do, the better!  

Also, Flaky/itchy scalps become common in the colder months. This is due to a number of factors, like changes to diet, increased stress levels and a chillier climate. Apart from being annoying, dandruff is also known to trigger hair loss, it is therefore important to clear it as soon as possible. To sooth your scalp and rid it of flakes, use our Shampoo

weekly and Leave in Conditioning Mist daily until irritation clears.

4. Keep Healthy from Within

Probably the easiest healthy autumn hair tip you can do that will lead to beautifully hydrated hair is to practice good nutrition. Protein-rich foods like yogurt, nuts and seeds, eggs, and lean turkey or chicken can help strengthen hair, while foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon can add gloss and shine.

Dark leafy vegetables like kale and spinach which contain iron and vitamin C and A will keep your tresses super strong, and of course, drink lots of water! 


What about you? What things will you change in your hair routine for fall?

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