Hi! I'm KendraDanyelle, founder of the One80 Collection.

Protective Styles have always been my thing! Bundles, weaves, wigs, twists, braids, crochet styles, you name it.

But I also learned the hard way how these styles can cause dry, unhealthy hair, or thin hair that won't grow, or the embarrassment of being seen without your weave in. 

I've been relaxed, natural, and back again. I've had my edges snatched, big chopped and hair down my back only for stress and post-pardom to come through and thin it all out.

Every product under the sun has been in my hair, but most of them contained harmful chemicals that did more harm than good.

So in 2015 I decided to create products to keep our hair healthy & growing while wearing protective styles. This brand is a representation of my journey too.

Using simple, organic ingredients, my God given creativity, & love for science 👩🏾‍🔬, I bring you products that are the foundation of healthy hair that grows. Each product is all natural, chemical free, & most importantly.....smells amazing!

Whether you're #natural, #relaxed, #curly, a lover of #braids #weaves or #wigs I'm confident that even YOUR hair can be healthy. 

There's levels to get to healthy hair, this is the foundation. 




You love options when it comes to your hair.

The freedom to rock those natural kinks, curls & waves look one day, to braids or extensions the next. And that's what One80 is all about. The switch-up. the change. the transformation. THE 180!

Our products range from human hair bundles that help you create a signature style, to organic hair care products that keep your NATURAL HAIR healthy, growing and smelling amazing underneath your protective styles! 

We know that nourishment is key to healthy hair so each hair care product is plant based, and rich with the vitamins and nutrients your hair needs.

There are levels to healthy hair, this is the foundation.


We hope you find something that transforms your hair. Something you can fall in love with, whether it's our extensions or all natural hair care products. And that you not only love the results but you tell a friend. That's the real transformation!