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    Whether you’re transitioning from relaxed to natural, trying to regrow your edges or you’re confused about where to start chances are you don’t have a regimen in place. When it comes to healthy hair & growth, you definitely need one.
  • 5 Tips for Embracing your Natural Hair

    As women of color, we’re fed a very specific idea of what it means to have beautiful hair. Especially in professional & academic setting...
  • Nothing is working to grow my hair!

    Let’s quickly discuss an issue I know many women are facing in regards to regrowing their hair.

    The frustration of trying a lot of different products and nothing is working. 

    Have you experienced this too?

    Having an understanding of what’s in the products is the greatest thing you can do for your hair. So let’s look at a few tips you can try before the next time you ADD TO CART.

  • the BALM! Hair Growth Treatment - FAQ's

    Give your edges a second chance!

    Hair loss from tight braids, dry hair, improper install of wigs or frontals and lack of education is extremely common. 
    But there's hope!
  • Are you "over" your natural hair?

    Natural hair fatigue is a real thing! Combing, styling, deep conditioning, sectioning and detangling, can be exhausting  So before you spend a dime trying to create ANOTHER YouTube look, or reach for that relaxer, take a deep breath and know you're not alone. Check out our latest Blog post for a few tips on keeping your natural hair sanity.
  • Shout out to all the product junkies!

    Looking for products to moisturize your extremely dry textured hair can lead to Product Junkie!  Find out ways you can kick the PJ habit and what you need to solve your dry hair problem for good.
  • How to put your man to sleep. (Without Sex.....maybe)!

    Wanna help your man catch some real zzzz's? 

    We got a solution the both of you can benefit from. No sleeping pills, heavy breathing or weird sleep tricks necessary.

    Not only will he rest better but you'll notice a difference too!

  • What They Don't Tell You about Wigs

    Has wigs and extensions caused you sacrifice your hairline? I fell for the lies they told me about lace frontal wigs. Like “they’re so convenient” and “they looked soooo realistic”….as if the hair is growing out your scalp! We've got the all natural solution to help you get your edges back
  • The Perfect Moisturizer for Natural Softness & Shine

    Is caring for your natural hair important? Do you enjoy the process… wash day, blow drying, moisturizing? Or do you just sit in your stylist’s chair and let them deal with it? 

  • Prevention & Treatment for Heat Damage

    Your leaveout is key to a natural looking installation. But what do you do when your leaveout starts to get damaged? How do you avoid heat damage all together?
    Check out these quick tips to keep your hair on point!