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  • Scalp Health 101: Layers & Structure

    You’re hair is not an independent thing in and of itself. Just like your hand is part of your arm, or your foot is part of your leg etc, your hair ...
  • You Should Probably Know This! 10 questions answered.

    Should you take the risk? I know you’ve seen offers that say something along the lines of, “Re-grow your hair in 30 days guaranteed.” And so, if th...
  • 7 Vitamins You Need for Healthy Hair Growth

    Nutrition or lack thereof is one of the many causes of hair loss or thinning. Knowing the right ones to take might make a difference in the way your hair looks and feels.

    Here’s a look at the 7 best vitamins for hair growth recommended by experts.

  • What to do about Shedding & Breakage

    One of the many issues we face on our healthy hair journey is hair breakage/thinning. For many of us, it happens so subtly that we don’t notice it until after it’s been happening for months/years. We need to understand what causes breakage and what to do about it.
  • Healthy Blood Flow = Healthy Hair Growth!

    Did you know that proper blood flow to the hair roots is one of the most underrated remedies for hair growth? If the blood, oxygen and nutrient supply to your hair follicle is cut of, it will die. Read on to find out to find out how this method can prevent hair loss and baldness.
  • What you Need to Know About Dry Hair

    Dry hair is a mess! 🥺 It can lead to breakage, slow growth, less manageability and brittle strands.
    It's so sad that many women think they are moisturizing their hair but notice it's still dry and brittle. Are you one of "those" women?
    If so, read today's Blog Post to learn: 
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  • 5 Things to do While your Hair Grows Back!

      It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to regrow your edges, have a thicker hairline or fill in Bald spots, you need a solid plan. The first part of...
  • 3 Natural Ingredients to Thicken your Hair

    Let’s be real. Hair thinning something that many of us experience but none of us like to deal with.
    It's the topic I get questioned about pretty the most. So if you're experiencing this issue...I got you.
  • 9 Steps to Set Hair Goals & Achieve Them

    The process of setting hair goals helps you choose exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve. By knowing precisely what you want, you know where to concentrate your efforts. You'll also quickly spot the distractions that would otherwise get you off course.

    Whatever you’re focus is, the steps below can give you some quick ideas on how to reach hair goals.


  • More Motivation = More Peace

    Most of us want to change at least one thing in our life. But it can be challenging to even find the motivation just to get started. It helps to have guidance so you can find your own ways to get motivated. Check out our A-Z list for guidance.
  • 4 Tips for Healthy Hair in the Fall

    While you’re wearing your cute scarf or cozy sweater, don’t forget that your hair has unique needs as it starts to get colder outside. Your hair requires extra care to protect it from the harsh winds and temperatures to come. 

    If your goal is to retain length and maintain healthy hair, here are couple tips that will help:

  • 3 Ways Our Hair Changes With Age

    Just like our skin and bodies, our hair goes through changes as we age, starting in our twenties. If you feel like your hair used to be thicker or have a different texture, you're likely not imagining it.

    How these changes play out is largely a matter of genetics, with some effects from environmental exposure, diet and lifestyle choices. 

    No matter how these changes affect you, taking good care of your hair is more important as you age. 

    We're giving you 3 ways your hair changes with age and how to care for it now and in the years to come.