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  • The 5 Sweetest Words

    There's only a few situations that more frustrating then realizing that you're losing your hair. Especially after you feel like you've tried everything and nothing is working. It's important to have the help, support and experience of others who have been down the same path that can encourage you on your journey.
  • Ingredient Labels & Organic Haircare

    Reading a Haircare Ingredient List For most women, part of our haircare regimen involves gels, moisturizers, serums, sprays, and everything else. W...
  • Don't Make these Toxic Mistakes!

    Have you ever examined the ingredients listed on the labels of your cosmetics or other skin care products? Do you know what those ingredients are? Read our latest blog post to find out.
  • What To Know About Organic Beauty Products

    More & more women are riding the all-natural product bandwagon by opting for organic hair and beauty treatments to be more consistent with the type of lifestyle they chose.  Women are now looking for products made of natural ingredients that won't irritate or harm their skin in any way. 
  • Aloe Vera for your Hair

    The History of Aloe Vera Aloe Vera has been used for medicinal purposes in several cultures for millennia: Greece, Egypt, India, Mexico, Japan and...
  • Using The BALM at Night!

      So here's a question that we get asked often: "When should I use the BALM on my hair?" The answer is, there's really no right answer. You should...
  • See How It's Made!

    Come behind the scenes with me as I show you how we make our #1 selling hair growth treatment...the BALM!

    Carefully infused with natural ingredients that help promote & maintain healthy hair + growth, the BALM is your foundation to healthy hair growth. 

  • How to Choose a Hair Growth Product

    Re-growing your hair can be hard. And with so many hair growth products on the market, how can you tell which one is right for you? 🤷🏽 I'm sharing with you 12 tips or questions you can ask yourself when deciding what to buy.

    Whether you’re transitioning from relaxed to natural, trying to regrow your edges or you’re confused about where to start chances are you don’t have a regimen in place. When it comes to healthy hair & growth, you definitely need one.
  • 5 Tips for Embracing your Natural Hair

    As women of color, we’re fed a very specific idea of what it means to have beautiful hair. Especially in professional & academic setting...
  • Nothing is working to grow my hair!

    Let’s quickly discuss an issue I know many women are facing in regards to regrowing their hair.

    The frustration of trying a lot of different products and nothing is working. 

    Have you experienced this too?

    Having an understanding of what’s in the products is the greatest thing you can do for your hair. So let’s look at a few tips you can try before the next time you ADD TO CART.

  • the BALM! Hair Growth Treatment - FAQ's

    Give your edges a second chance!

    Hair loss from tight braids, dry hair, improper install of wigs or frontals and lack of education is extremely common. 
    But there's hope!