Aloe Vera for your Hair

Aloe Vera for Hair Health

The History of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used for medicinal purposes in several cultures for millennia: Greece, Egypt, India, Mexico, Japan and China. Egyptian queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra used it as part of their regular beauty regimes.

The Aloe Vera plant has been known for centuries for its health, beauty, medicinal and skin care benefits. The name Aloe Vera derives from the Arabic word “Alloeh” meaning “shining bitter substance,” while “Vera” in Latin means “true.” 2000 years ago, the Greek scientists regarded Aloe Vera as the universal panacea. The Egyptians called Aloe “the plant of immortality.” Today, the Aloe Vera plant has been used for various purposes in skin & hair care.

Aloe vera (barbadensis Miller) is grown commercially for the health and moisturizing benefits found inside its leaves. The aloe vera plant is one of the most studied herbs in the natural products category. An adult aloe vera plant reaches maturity at 3-4 years and can reach a height of 30 inches with up to 21 leaves.

Aloe vera contains over 200 biologically active, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and minerals that promote nutrient absorption, digestive health, a healthy immune system, 

It has taken up position as a popular and sought-after ingredient and topical skincare & haircare is the most abundant use of this substance. But why? What does this ingredient really do for your hair?

1. Promotes Hair Growth

Aloe Vera Promotes Growth

According to research, we can trace the use of Aloe Vera for hair loss back to the ancient Egyptians. In fact, Aloe Vera contains enzymes that directly promote healthy hair growth. These proteolytic enzymes are able to eradicate dead skin cells on the scalp that could be clogging the hair follicle, not allowing for the proper penetration of nutrients in the hair.

Conditions like seborrhea, which occurs from an accumulation of sebum on the scalp, can contribute to partial baldness. Aloe Vera’s keratolytic action breaks down the sebum and dead scalp cells, allowing for further hair growth. Also, Aloe Vera’s alkalizing properties can help bring the scalp and hair’s pH to a more desirable level, resulting in further hair growth promotion, while helping the hair retain water and moisture.


2. Conditions Hair & Scalp

Aloe Vera Conditions Hair & Scalp

the benefits of Aloe Vera for hair as a great conditioning agent is amazing. The gel-like substance of the Aloe barbadensis leaf gives it a similar chemical composition of keratin, the naturally occurring protein in hair cells. This structural similarity allows for easier penetration along the entire length of the hair shaft.

It has been proven that the skin can absorb the benefits of Aloe Vera up to 7 layers deep.

Since our scalps are more absorbent than our skin, can you imagine the conditioning benefits to the scalp? The combination of Aloe Vera’s 20 amino acids (which are the building blocks of hair and scalp) also adds both strength and luster to the hair. So when you’re styling (regardless of hair type), look for serums or sprays, like our Spray & Go Leave In Conditioning Mist that contains Aloe Vera.


Relieves Itchy/Irritated Scalp

 Aloe Vera relieves itchy scalp

Aloe Vera has properties that can alleviate itching, dryness and skin and scalp issues, like psoriasis and eczema. Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease characterized by the excessive production of skin cells. Aloe Vera’s enzymatic properties enables it to destroy excessive dead skin cells, while conditioning the skin and scalp.

Since excess skin cell production is at the heart of Psoriasis’ existence, you could see why Aloe is able help eliminate this issue. Aloe can also reduce the redness, scaling, itching and inflammation of scalp psoriasis, which directly benefits the hair, as well.

In a study reported in Archives of Dermatology, more than 80% of the psoriasis patients treated with Aloe Vera showed improvement.

When coloring hair, it is advisable to use hair colors or lighteners that contain Aloe Vera to prevent irritation. 


Benefits of Aloe Vera for Hair Summarized:

  • Relieves Scalp Itching
  • Reduces Scalp Redness & Inflammation
  • Adds Strength & Luster To Hair
  • pH Balancing
  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Heals Scalps Affected By Psoriasis & Seborrhea
  • Easily Penetrates Hair & Scalp
  • Anti- Fungal Properties Alleviates Dandruff
  • Helps Hair Retain Water & Moisture


Benefits of Aloe Vera for Hair Summarized:

One80 Products with Aloe Vera

At the One80 Collection we use Aloe Vera in many of our formulations, but these are some of our most popular products:

  1. Spray & Go Conditioning Mist: hydrates and conditions your hair, the right way by using the nourishing properties of Aloe Vera. This natural ingredient works wonders by healing dry scalp, moisture restoration, and making strands smoother.
  2. Prep & Style Moisture Creme– Perfect for DRY hair, because it softens and adds hydration.
  3. Hydrating Conditioner & Shampoo – This nutrient rich combo is one of our best sellers. It works wonders to gently cleanse & hydrate hair of all types.
  4. Face & Neck Moisturizer - Packed with our favorite superstar ingredients like MSM, DMAE, and antioxidant-rich extracts, this moisturizer helps bring a bright and balanced skin tone
  5. Skin Butter - Pamper skin with this moisturizing but very light head to toe skin cream that is all about healing and revitalizing skin.

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