What They Don't Tell You about Wigs

What they don't tell you about lace wigs

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I’m Kendra, Founder of One80Hair, and like you I fell for the lies they told me about lace frontal wigs. Like “they’re so convenient” and “they looked soooo realistic”….like the hair was growing out of your scalp!

In 2016 I started wearing frontal wigs.  And baby, I rode that lace front wave for a whole year. I admit they looked good.  No, I take that back, they looked damn good! In fact it looked so believable I would get confused when my lace started to lift….lol

But after about 8 months of plastering them things to my hairline (yes I said hairline…I didn’t know better) MY LIFE CHANGED in 2017 when I realized that my whole edges was gone! 

You see, wearing wigs wasn’t new to me.  I had always wore closure or u part wigs. Those were easy, you throw em on and go about your business.  Easy breezy right?

But Lace Fronts….whew chile the maintenance. The glue. The drying time. The gel crust. Them baby hairs. Plucking that hair line to perfection. It was a commitment.

Little did I know, I was sacrificing my edges for the sake of fake hair looking realistic. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking lace fronts.  There is a right way to wear them so your edges won’t be ruined.  But in the beginning, "NOBODY AINT TELL ME THAT".

There I was, cute lil me, with a bald hairline. So I did what most women do....I cried. Yes sis I cried like a baby. Because at that moment, I realized it wasn’t worth it. 

Funny thing is, I didn’t give up. Like you, I’m strong minded and I was determined to do something to get my hair back. I searched Google, popped hair growth pills, spent hundreds of dollars on worthless store bought treatments until finally I said enough. I spent an entire year researching natural remedies for hair growth. 

I was amazed  by the benefits of ingredients like Fenugreek Seeds, Stinging Nettle, Burdock Root and Amla Oil.  This time instead of spending hundreds of dollars, I spent hundreds of hours educating myself. And honestly, I would do it all again….

The reason those store bought treatments and pills didn’t work was because of all the chemicals they contained. And so the nerdy, science loving, entrepreneur in me created a product full of natural ingredients, herbs and essential oils. And guess what happened?

My edges started growing back sis!

Let me just go ahead and bust all the myths about most of these latest & greatest hair products. They are filled with all types of artificial ingredients and chemicals that poison the body and possibly cause Cancer. 

And that, my love is how I came up with this wonderful product.

Our #1 Selling Hair Growth Treatment, the BALM! is completely “garbage free”.  It comes in 2 forms...a hair grease or pomade or as an oil.

And it works because everything in it is from the earth.  But that’s not even the cool part, it works to nourish the scalp, stimulate & maintain healthy hair growth…so it’s not a temporary fix.

Unlike other products where once you stop using it, you no longer see growth. This product creates a healthy scalp so that hair can grow and thrive even after you’ve stopped using it.

But this is the key…lean in and read carefully:

You have to do the work to see results! If you want some kind of magic overnight potion to grow your hair back, this is not for you. You gotta use it daily at least for the first 15-30 days. Why? Because love and patience makes hair grow.  I’m giving you the love, I need you to bring the patience

Check out my 3 month results:

Regrow Edges, Hairline & Baldspots

FYI…I’m still working on my growth.  It’s a process…it took 1 year of bad habits to loose my edges, so it will take time to grow them back healthy.  And yes I still love wigs. But now I'm smart enough to only wear glueless wigs or fitted closure wigs. That way I can remove my wig every night and still treat my edges.

I’m seeing results and that’s what matters.


the BALM! Hair Growth Treatment


And I’m so confident you’ll love it, there’s a 60 day money back guarantee.  If after 60 days you see absolutely no results, then you get your money back! SIMPLE AS THAT!

-Kendra 💛


  • Thanks for sharing this informative post!

    Hair extensions are the best accessory that women can own. It helps to do so many hairstyles.

  • Honestly, I don’t know how long I’ve been using the 180 The Balm for. But I see my edges and other parts of my head growing back. Yes, it does take time and patience and work by putting the product in your head daily. I use nothing but 180 products in my hair now. I’ve bought several products and I love what I’m seeing. My hair is growing back and it’s coming back gray, I’m loving the fact that my hair is growing back I don’t know what to do. Thank You Kendra!!!!

    Alicia Neal
  • I have been using your product for 3 months now and l do see some different in my edges and l want to keep using it but l don’t have the money to keep buying it but trust me as soon as I get some extra money l will be ordering again thanks so much for what you do to help with are hair

    Cynthia Green
  • I received my product from you and started using it today …and l do not see anything Wrong with wearing weaves if it makes you feel pretty and most women should know that the bible says that a women hair is her crown and glory so wear your weave if that’s what you need to do for yourself nothing wrong with it..and women have been wearing wigs since l could remember my mom.. grandma and all my aunties wore wigs and some are still wearing them today…so it’s up to the woman what she wants to do and l Wish that as women we would Stop trying to tear one another down instead of building each other up…praying that we all can just Respect the other women issues that they might have!!!

    Patricia M Harris
  • I have dreads & I’ve been wearing frontal my edges are gone


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