How to put your man to sleep. (Without Sex.....maybe)!

Wanna help your man catch some real zzzz's?  Keep reading.

First, you gotta know there's a difference between sleep and actual rest!  Rest means being relaxed first then fallin into a deep, deep snore! Being well rested makes you more alert & energetic, perform better at work, the gym, and even in the sheets😉! (Seriously though, we're all grown.)  

So how do we get this much needed rest & relaxation?

This little baby right here ⬇️


Looks like a basic flower right?  Don't be fooled, it's more than that! 

Jasmine is an Aphrodisiac and awesome sleep aid. When you inhale the scent, it flows all up in your nose to the brain to increase the "deep sleep" chemical. Once your mind is soothed then the muscles relax and just like that...BAM! Outta there. 😴😴😴

So how does this help your boo? Imagine, there's the scent of jasmine somewhere in your bedroom, let's saaaay....on your pillow, right under his nose!  As he breathes it in....(oh, gotta be the little spoon) he breathes it in, not only will he rest better but he'll be in a better mood the next day.

Now, what you don't need to do is go out and buy a bouquet of Jasmine flowers. We got you!  We've loaded our Moisture Creme with Jasmine Essential Oil which is like the flower "on steroids'! 

We didn't add this oil to put people's men to sleep  Jasmine Oil happens to be effective in natural haircare.  Probably one of the best!

Here's what it does:  

  • Strengthens the hair and stops breakage
  • Tames those frizzes and give life to your curls
  • Deeply conditions & softens dry, brittle hair

So no more being selfish in the bedroom right! It's a win win for everybody.  Bae gets a restful sleep, and you get bomb healthy hair that always smells delicious.



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