You Should Probably Know This! 10 questions answered.

Should you take the risk?

I know you’ve seen offers that say something along the lines of, “Re-grow your hair in 30 days guaranteed.”

And so, if the product works, your hair grows, and if the product fails you might get your money back…

Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

And yet, how many times have you seen a deal like this and still passed?

The reason is because taking a risk is more than just about the money. There are other things to consider like 

  • "Will I have the time to use the product?"
  • "Will I be able to understand the instructions?"
  • "Will the vendor actually give my money back?"

Some of these are still, money considerations (there is not a soul dead or alive, that WANTS to lose their money), but there’s more to lose than just your coins.

Here we're answering the top ten questions some, or all, of which will run through your minds when you consider the BALM!

1. Is this product right for me?

2. Am I making the right choice?

3. Is this ALL I need?

4. Can I afford it?

5. What if it doesn’t work?

6. What will my friends, family and peers say?

7. Who are these people?

8. Is this the right version?

9. How much time is all this going to take?

10. Is it going to be easy to use?


Check out this video where I answer all 10 of these questions

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