Nothing is working to grow my hair!

Let’s quickly discuss an issue I know many women are facing in regards to regrowing their hair.

The frustration of trying a lot of different products and nothing is working. 

I can’t tell you how many emails, texts, DM’s, post comments I get that mention this problem. Women are tired of spending their hard earned coins on the “newest growth product” only to find that it doesn’t work for them.  

Have you experienced this too?

So what’s a girl to do? One thing I want to suggest, if you have found yourself in this situation where you tried several products to grow your hair and nothing has worked the way you thought it would, check the ingredients.

I know this sounds painful yet simple but trust me, it’s one of the best things you can do for your pockets and your sanity.

I’ve seen it before where women had used growth products from totally different brands that had almost the same exact ingredients. So I know it’s possible.

Having some understanding of what’s in the products is the greatest thing you can do for your hair. So let’s look at a few tips you can try before the next time you ADD TO CART.



Ok, reviews are great, but don’t rely totally on reviews or before & after pics. I know reviews are a big determining factor on whether or not you’re going to spend your money and that's understandable. 

Online reviews in theory, are a very good idea. If you’re buying something, why not check the opinions of other people who have already bought and used it? If you are trying to decide between products, you skim reviews to see which is the best right? 

You deserve the best, after all! 

But product reviews can sometimes be a collection of poorly formed, strongly held opinions. They’ll never actually help you determine which product is the absolute, best for you! But that doesn’t mean they don’t serve a specific — and useful — purpose. To get the most out of reviews, you can’t just rely on the star-ranking system. You actually have to read them.

Don’t take reviews as gospel.  Instead, think of them as a list of helpful and not-so-helpful suggestions.

Nothing more, nothing less.



Check the ingredient list

Once you’re done reading the review section of a product page, go ahead and slide on over to the ingredient list as well. Why?

Because, knowing what's in the product that you're about to purchase is just as important as knowing other peoples opinions about it.

This is ESPECIALLY important if you’ve already tried other items that haven’t worked for you.

For example, say you’ve tried several products that contain 5 popular ingredients: castor oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, olive oil, sesame oil. 

If products that contain these ingredients didn’t work, you might come to the conclusion that you should stay away from these. Constantly buying the same ingredients will only lead to the same results….no results at all!

Now may be a good idea to try something new.

Go ahead and do your own comparison. 


A simple fact about haircare is the realization that certain things don't work for certain people. Just like certain foods you tend to stay away from because they don't agree with you, think of your hair the same way. 

Certain ingredients you would stay away from because they just don't work for your hair type or your hair situation. This is true not just for growth products but for most hair care products. 

I know that there are many hair growth products on the market to choose from. We’re constantly bombarded with ads, commercials or emails claiming to be the latest and greatest thing for your hair.  

I know this for a fact because I see them every day too. So I understand the frustration of you being unsure and confused. Or not wanting to keep spending money on things that don't work. But you can be of service to yourself and your hair just by simply being aware of what’s best for you.



Google can be amazing and deadly all at the same time! But you can use it to your advantage here. If you have the time or the ability, do a quick Google search of ingredients. 

Or search things like:

“Best oils to use for thin hair”

“Best natural oils to use for curly hair”

“Best natural oils to use for alopecia”

“What ingredients help to regrow bald spots”

“Foods to eat for healthy hair growth”

You’ll be amazed to find that there certain things you should be on the lookout for when making a purchase. You may even decide to get creative and make your own blend!



Have patience and trust the process

Searching for the right products for your hair can be a strenuous and even expensive process. The internet will be your best friend in finding products that are not only compatible with your hair, but within your budget.

Your hair needs as much love and attention as you give the rest of our body. 

Research alternative methods if something doesn’t work for you. Remember the process is trial and error.

If your existing hair products or routine has been frustrating you, don’t feel discouraged. It is completely normal to change up your hair products and even your routine, especially as the seasons change.

The better you understand your hair, the better results you will get.

If you still have questions, we’ve got you covered. Email us today and we’lll be happy to speak with you.

It’s important to us that we provide you with the tools and information you need to maintain healthy growing hair.


Let us know your thoughts below.




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  • What you said made so much sense, especially the ingredients part. For the first time, yours(and another brand) had different ingredients than what I use to use in the past and I’m getting better faster results.

    Stephanie Williams

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