the BALM! Hair Growth Treatment - FAQ's

In this video we're answering Frequently Asked Questions about our #1 Selling Hair Growth Treatment:

Q: How long does it take to work?

Q: Can the product be used everyday with protective styles?

Q: What hair types does it work for?

Q: How often do I have to use it?

Q: Can I use the product  with my other favorite products (ie shampoo/conditioner)

Q: Does it need to be washed out?

Q: Can this be used all over or just on thin areas?

Watch it here:

Give your edges a second chance!

Hair loss from tight braids, dry hair, improper install of wigs & frontals, lack of education is extremely common.
But there's hope!

  • Imagine your edges being Fuller and thicker.
  • No more hiding your hairline
  • Be free to get the styles you want

We've created an all natural way to grow your edges back

Yes! There is hope for your hair loss. But if you want to see a change soon, like within the next few weeks, then you should start getting excited for what I'm about to tell you next.

Here's the story:
Some time ago, maybe like you, my edges were thin. Ok, not just thin, they were bald. Slick. as. a. table!
Hiding my hairline with wigs was ok short term, but I wanted to start wearing different hair styles. I couldn't get braids, crochet styles, I couldn't even put my hair up in a was just too embarrassing!

So I came up with this crazy idea for a natural growth product. Instead of having the harmful chemicals like most medications & store bought products, it would be infused with organic herbs, flowers, & oils.
People... (my family) said I was crazy! Thinking there was nothing on earth that could save my edges. I was wasting money.....and my hairloss was permanent. 😒 (sheesh)

Well. I didn't care. It was not only something I wanted to do for myself, but for women like you as well. I did the research, the trials, & the screw-ups and after about 12 months....I realized something worked!

Within 2 weeks there was a difference in my edges. They filled in slowly at first (like peach fuzz) but after about 4 weeks you could definitely tell that my hair was not only filling in, but growing.
Just to see what would happen, I stopped using the product for a few weeks....and my hair continued to grow!

I'm sharing this story because so many of us women are out here switching our styles up from sew-ins... without giving our natural hair any rest in-between.
These styles start out as a convenience but after a while, we use these same styles to hide the damage.

I've created an all natural way to have healthy growth of your hairline, bald spots and thinning hair. If used daily, you can see a difference in your hair within 30 days! 

Get it here:

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