the BALM! Hair Growth Treatment - FAQ's

If you're tired of wasting money on hair growth products that don't give you the results you're in the right place.

Stop flushing money down the toilet.

We have a natural solution.

In this video I'm answering some Frequently Asked Questions about our #1 Selling Hair Growth Treatment:

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Q: How long does it take to work?

  • Some have seen results in as little as 3 weeks while others have taken up to 2 months. Everyone's hair growth is different so results may not be consistent from one person to the next.

Q: Can the product be used everyday with protective styles?

  • Most definitely. using the BALM! while wearing braids, weaves, or wigs is a great way to keep your hair and scalp nourished while it's tucked away. You may find it more efficient to use the Liquid Balm for your style

Q: How often do I have to use it?

  • Best results when used EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Twice per day is even better. Consistency is key!

Q: Does it need to be washed out?

  • No, it does not need to be washed out unless you feel it's too heavy on your hair.

Q: What hair types does it work for?

  • the BALM! is great for all hair types.  If you have fine/thin hair, you may need to rinse the product out after a few hours as it may weigh your hair down.

    Q: Can I use the product  with my other favorite products (ie shampoo/conditioner)

    • Yes, this product should not interfere with other products in your haircare routine.

      Q: Can this be used all over or just on thin areas?

      • It can be used all over the hair and scalp for extra nourishment and to stimulate growth.


      Give your edges a second chance!

      Hair loss from tight braids, dry hair, improper install of wigs & frontals, lack of education is extremely common.
      But there's hope!

      • Imagine your edges being Fuller and thicker.
      • No more hiding your hairline
      • Be free to get the styles you want


      Yes! There is hope for your hair loss. 

      I've created an all natural way to have healthy growth of your hairline, bald spots and edges. If used daily, you can see a difference in your hair within 30 days! 



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      • How do I go by ordering it and how much is it?

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