Identifying Your Hair Type and What It Needs

Identifying Your Hair Type and What It Needs

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Ever wonder why certain hair products work wonders for others but not for you?

The first step is understanding your hair type!

"Identifying Your Hair Type and What It Needs" is your go-to guide to get all the insights on what makes your hair tick.

Dive into simple steps to figure out your curl pattern, test your hair's porosity, and even find out if your strands are thick or thin. We've packed this guide with easy tests you can do right at home, and once you've got your results, we'll help you pick the best care tactics tailored just for your hair type.

Whether you're just beginning to explore hair care or looking to fine-tune your routine, this guide is here to make things clear and simple. Let's get you started on a path to really knowing your hair and giving it what it needs. Because when you get your hair, you can really start loving it!

This guide will help you understand your specific hair type (including curl pattern, porosity, and density) and provide tailored advice on the best care practices and products for your particular hair type. It includes simple tests you can do at home to help identify your hair's characteristics.

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