Spray & Grow Duo

Spray & Grow Duo

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 Give your growth journey a BOOST with these 2 amazing products.

Is your hair & scalp dry? Does your growth need extra nutrients? We've paired our #1 selling hair growth treatment with our all natural conditioning mist.

The aloe vera in the CONDITIONING MIST helps to soothe your scalp from itching and flakes due to fungus. It's antibacterial and antifungal properties fight fungus, and the enzymes help rid the scalp of dead cells.



Spray the Conditioning Mist on your scalp, focusing on areas that need growth.

  • Replenishes lost moisture adds hydration
  • Relieves irritated scalp
  • Encourages thickness & growth
  • Gives your hair a fresh scent

Rub a small amount of the BALM! Hair Growth Treatment into your scalp.

Protect your edges with the satin scarf before bed.


  • 1 8oz Spray & Go  Conditioning Mist: Lightweight leave-in conditioner that hydrates the scalp and makes hair easier to manage. Detangles, and adds a light citrus fragrance to your hair!
  • 1 3oz the Balm! Hair Growth Treatmentan herbal infused balm that promotes a healthy environment for your hair to grow & thrive. Use it daily and you'll notice stronger, healthier hair within 3-5 weeks.